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A very long time ago, I was a kid who loved to read. And write! My sis and I spent our school holidays and weekends and spare time writing stories and sharing them with each other (which explains why I don’t know how to ride a bike...).


Then I got bigger (in age, not so much in height) and scored my first writing job in magazines. Over the years, I wrote articles and edited for DOLLY, Smash Hits, Girlfriend, Women’s Fitness, Cosmo and even wrote some travel content for Jetstar, Kia Ora and Escape. 


But my one true love is books. And in 2020, THE DREAM came to fruition when I won the HarperCollins Matilda Prize and my debut Young Adult Fiction novel, Half My Luck, was released into the world. 

I switched it up and wrote a Middle-Grade Fiction novel next. The Sideways Orbit of Evie Hart hits shelves on May 3, 2023!


P.S. This isn’t what I normally look like when I’m typing away, but a girl can dream…

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